sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

After that, can I call myself crafter?

I always tought I was a crafter but after going toy a Pow Wow I realized that I am an absolutely untalented woman pretending I can craft!!!!!
The beading, the feathers, the intricated sewing, all the leather work and embroidery...it was an explosion of colors, textures and amazing craftsmanship!
I humbly bow for those amazing artisans and I do hope people can appreciate their work that can only be translated into love for their traditions.
Okay, I have to admit that I was totally hipnotized by the sound of the drums and songs, in a trance that couldn't stop me from making a fool of myself dancing with  them, so clumsy and with no grace at all.
Did I care about that? Oh, no...not at all! In fact those were the most amazing moments I've had in years...really the most original, fantastic, educative and fascinating experience I've experienced.
I do thank my husband for being so interested, curious and open to learning about other cultures.
The love for learning plus the eagerness to experiencing different things, no matter how big or important they are is what brought us together. That's one of the special common interests that makes us smile every day when we share those simple pleasures.
That day at the Pow Wow was very special and I want you to have a small taste of what we saw, did and experienced.
The photos won't make any justice to the reality of the amazing colors, songs and dances but I felt that I had to share them with you!!!
Enjoy the pictures and maybe next year we can all go together!!!!!


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creativedawn 11 de agosto de 2012 17:23  

Honestly, I know how you feel. Those garments and the talented artisans that make and bead them are just so FABULOUS that there is no way I should even sit in a room at my sewing machine, much less have the nerve to sew on it. I love, love all these pictures! Thanks for sharing!!! PHENOMENAL! WOW!

Karen Mallory 11 de agosto de 2012 22:44  

Those are amazing costumes. I know how hard all that beading and such is as I used to make a few costumes for Indian dolls that I had to work with leather and bead. Didn't do any feather work.
hugs Karen

coxlucia 21 de agosto de 2012 09:12  

Exuberant creativity. A marvel of a culture coming together to enjoy their traditions and idiosyncrasy.

Thank you for giving me a peek to your experience, Tigo. Great post.

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