sexta-feira, 27 de julho de 2012

Without my Family I Make No Sense!

It's amazing how time flies! Today, I was looking at an old picture of my family, we were all there, the whole Carrato-Grande family united and all dressed up for some special occasion (don't ask me what it was, please!). Dad in his red vest, mom always looking amazing and us, the "kids" all with bright smiles.

Oh boy, amazing times that I miss so much and being away from them makes me realize that I am not absolutely complete without my family! I really don't make any sense not being there, being part of their lives and not being able to share the good and not so good moments.
All right, we have internet, phones, iPhones with apps that allow us to be in touch more often but it's not the same. What's the use of a computer when all you want is to cuddle with your mom, hug and kiss your siblings and have all their kids around you?
Today is one of those days that I would give anything to be back home, back to my parent's home years ago, when we were all together. I just can't forget those wonderful family moments when my grandparents were around, the Sunday lunches at home, the BBQ chicken that my grandma Santa used to buy, my aunt Angelina napping  on the chair holding her tote on her lap, the summer vacations on the beach or at my grandma Ricarda.
Amazing how every single moment come back to my if I they happened yesterday! I can smell the warm milk, the orange cake or the smell of the beach. I can remember making the mud cakes with my cousins at the farm.
All those memories make me wonder how can some people live without their families; even worse, how can people not care about their families???????
I cannot! I love my family very dearly and if someday I find a genie in a bottle I'll have one single wish to ask for: Please, make me whole again...bring me and my family back together!

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